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Multi-Band Direction

Finder System for

Airborne SAR

The RT-600 (SAR-DF 517) is an SAR direction finder system for airborne SAR that operates on all frequency bands used for rescue missions, including emergency frequencies 121.500 MHz, 243.000 MHz and 406.028 MHz (Cospas-Sarsat) as well as channel 16 of the marine band.


Emergency beacons that operate on the Cospas-Sarsat frequency 406.028 MHz can be identified and localized.


No additional equipment is required in the aircraft since the electronic direction finding components are integrated into the antenna. The display and control unit consists of an 80-mm round instrument, and the graphic LCD display permits convenient viewing of localization and Cospas-Sarsat information.

This high-precision SAR direction finder system was designed specifically for use on board of all aircraft, including helicopters.

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