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Over 45 years of high-intensity lighting solutions
for airborne and land-based searchlight systems

Avitronics is authorized distributor for Spectrolab Searchlight Product line.

We cover the major part of Europe as well as Russia and Thailand.


Spectrolab's flagship Searchlight model introduces new Infrared (IR) LED technology into a sleek aerodynamic package. The new IR LED Ring offers infrared illumination for use with Night Vision Goggles (NVG's).

A ring of high power IR LED's offer wide or narrow focus modes while reducing power consumption by 79% and weight by 20% (compared to our original IFCO filter configuration). Visible white light remains intense with the use of the legacy 1600 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp. This combination of technologies provides the operator with the best airborne searchlight in both visible white light and invisible infrared operating environments.

Nightsun XP IR LED 1.png

SX-16 Nightsun IFCO

The In-Flight Change Over (IFCO) SX-16 allows for multi-role mission capability. Spectrolab has a variety of filters available for the IFCO Hood with the most common being the infrared filter used in conjunction with night vision systems.

The motorized IFCO Hood allows for changing from standard white light to the filtered light while in flight with a flip of a switch on the IFCO Control Box


SX-7 Starsun Searchlight System

Spectrolab is pleased to introduce the new SX-7 Starsun Searchlight System. This new model has been developed based on the SX-5 Starburst footprint, while capturing the enhanced features and performance characteristics of the SX-16 Nightsun®.

This new addition to the SX Series of high intensity searchlights, maintains compatibility on a variety of aircraft, while greatly increasing the performance for the upward trend of multi-mission role aircraft in the industry.

SX-7 Render v6.png


SpectroLink is an integrated searchlight to camera digital linking system. SpectroLink uses digital encoders for precise positioning of the searchlight to a linked thermal imager or video camera system.

This eliminates the need for after-market modifications to any searchlight components and does not depend on analog signals that can drift with time and temperature. SpectroLink is available for new and existing SX-5 Starburst and SX-16 Nightsun® searchlight systems.

SpectroLink - dual view - white backgrou


Spectrolab's flagship Searchlight model introduces new technology into a more aerodynamic package. The XP makes use of software to adjust slew rate, keep-out zones, stow position as well as cage position and for linking to some of the most widely used camera systems.

This new technology is combined with the characteristics that have made the SX-16 Nightsun® famous the world over.


SX-16 Nightsun

The SX-16 is designed with the intent of providing a mobile, high-intensity light source for a variety of applications. It has been used on over 30 different airframes over the course of its lifetime.

Thanks to our valued customers, the SX-16 enjoys the distinction of being chosen as the number one helicopter Searchlight for law enforcement entities, border patrol agencies, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and several other public service organizations.

SX-16 Nightsun Searchlight.png

SX-5 Starburst

Our SX-5 Starburst encompasses the same versatility and capacity as the SX-16, but does so in a smaller package that is ideal for applications wherein weight is a factor.

The smaller dimension envelope also makes this the ideal Searchlight for use in low-slung applications where the ground clearance is not ideal for the larger Searchlight.


For more information and manuals for all products visit Spectrolab official website here.

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